Current project: Jaguar E-Type Series 3

The E-Type has a good basis for a restoration. The body is in its original condition except for the bonnet. However, severe rust damage needs to be repaired. The technology, interior, convertible top and all add-on parts need to be overhauled. Despite its moderate condition, the E-Type has low mileage. The following work was carried out in 2021:

  • Komplette Demontage
  • Chemische Entrostung und Entlackung der Karosserie sowie KTL-Beschichtung
  • Umfangreiche Karosseriearbeiten: Schweller, Bodengruppe, Längs- und Querträger, Kofferraumboden, A- und B-Säulen, Schubstrebenaufnahmen, Motorhaube, Türen, Heckdeckel, Bulkhead, Umbau von US- auf europäische Karosserievariante
  • Renewal oft the right engine frame and the picture frame
  • Differential overhaul
  • Machining of engine block and cylinder heads
  • Overhaul of the brake calipers
  • Reconditioning of all rear axle pa
  • Galvanisation of technical parts