Full restoration Mercedes Ponton 219

Despite good body substance, the Ponton had extensive rust damage.The technology was in need of overhaul (e.g. engine solid) and the interior was worn out. We carried out a full restoration with the goal of "at least as good as new". The greatest possible value was placed on originality. The expert's report gives the Ponton a condition rating of 1. In detail, the following work was carried out:

  • Restoration of all technical components and replacement of all wearing parts as well as parts that could not be overhauled
  • Chemical rust removal and paint stripping
  • Repair of the bodywork (sills, underbody, fork carriage, wheel fittings etc.)
  • Installation of an original Webasto folding roof
  • Cathodic dip coating
  • Restoration of all technical components
  • Conversion to electronic ignition (123-Ignition)
  • Renewal of the interior according to original specifications
  • High-quality paintwork in the original colour

The result is impressive: