Triumph TR 250

The starting point of the TR250 for a partial restoration was very good. The body was rust-free, but the steering, chassis, brakes and interior were in poor condition. The following work was carried out:

  • Repair of cracks in the front axle suspension on the frame and the differential mountings
  • Overhaul of front and rear axle
  • Conversion to homokinetic drive shafts
  • Installation of a new, more direct steering
  • Overhaul of the brake system
  • Sealing of the fuel tank
  • Renewal of the gearbox tunnel
  • Installation of a number of performance parts, e.g. reinforced axle pivots, adjustable rear axle suspension, PU bushings
  • Installation of sports seats (Madzda MX 5) incl. fabrication of seat consoles
  • Installation of seat belts
  • Reconditioning of the paintwork and chrome

The result is a sporty roadster, which is a pleasure to drive with its engine, which has been increased in power by 3 Weber double carburettors.